Monday, November 17, 2014

Pressure Cooker Love

Pressure cookers tend to be known as nostalgic cookware. However, in the days of trying to make meals with limited preparation time, this gadget is a must have.

I know that people tend to use slow cookers in order to prepare meals in advance. This process often involves some piece of meat that is slow cooked, over a number of hours, so that it is tender and delicious.

In contrast, pressure cookers cook meat (and other foods) extremely quickly to a tender state. The ingredients are cooked in a pressurized environment, so that rapid cooking can be achieved. The beauty of cooking using a pressure cooker is that it allows for all of the ingredients to be placed in one pot, with a minimal amount of liquid required.

Here is a an example of chicken, prepared in the pressure cooker, for 25 minutes, from frozen.

Here is another example of stewing beef, cooked in a pressure cooker, for approximately 30 minutes.

Below is example of shredded beef prepared by using a pressure cooker.

Try finding a pressure cooker to add to your collection of cookware. I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses for it in your daily lives. It's not just for grandmothers.

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