Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Aloe Relief

Digestive ups and downs can lead to painful burning sensations to one's gastro-intestinal system. To find relief, often times I would rely on a product called Aloe Vera Gel (inner fillet) by Lily of the Desert.

Unlike commercially produced aloe drinks, this gel has no other ingredients other than the aloe vera gel itself. So, it has no added sugars. This is good to know, as refined sugars, in my opinion, tend to have inflammatory properties (not good when you're trying to reduce inflammation).

Think of this aloe gel like the kind you would use on your external body after a burn. The same type of cooling sensation and healing can be experienced internally.

The dosage I would use was 1-3 oz in a glass of water. I would drink up twice per day, on an empty stomach, until my symptoms subsided

You can find this product in local health food stores.

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