Thursday, November 4, 2010


♫ It's all because of you,
I'm feeling sad and blue... 

Wait...That's sukiyaki!

Saganaki is a Greek sheep's cheese that is prepared by pan frying. It is normally served as a meze, or appetizer.

I am sure that you may have witnessed this cheese being served in a Greek restaurant, cut into wedges and flambéed. It most likely is brought out by a waiter yelling "Opa!" I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen like that in Greece.

In any case, I have read of various recipes involving this cheese being floured, fried and doused in an alcohol of some sort. It may be great for a restaurant, but for my taste, time and patience, I prefer a simpler version.

Begin with heating some olive oil in a non-stick pan. It is very important that your pan be non-stick.

Slice your cheese into relatively even, thin pieces.

Place the cheese in the hot oil and wait for it to melt.

The saganaki will start to bubble, crust and take on a slightly tanned colour.

Slide the cheese onto a plate and to give it a squirt of fresh lemon juice. Served with pita and Zeus is your uncle!

When choosing pita, I would highly recommend products made by the Pita Bros Bakery. Their pitas contain no preservatives, just like good old-fashioned bread. (You would not believe the number of preservatives and additives that are in bread these days!)

Καλή όρεξη! (Kalí óreksi!)

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