Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almond Joy

A handful of almonds is a healthy and tasty snack, but did you ever wonder where almonds come from?

Almonds grow on deciduous trees that become fruit-bearing after about five years. Harvest season is usually in the autumn. However, the harvest begins in the end of May-beginning of June in the North African country of Tunisia.

Central Tunisia produces sweet almonds (as opposed to the bitter almond variety) for consumption, as well as for the production of almond oil. The almond oil is exported, mainly to France. It is then used in the cosmetic and perfume industry.

Chanel No. 5 aside, almonds are great to eat!

Tunisians also use them in a type of tea that is aptly called "thé aux amandes".

Picture a Moroccan-style tea that is made with fresh mint leaves, honey and hot water.

Now add a handful of almonds.

This warm drink is perfect for those late afternoons were you feel parched and peckish. It has the perfect combination of soothing elements from the mint, sweetness from the honey, and crunch from the almonds.

Tchin tchin!

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