Friday, November 26, 2010

Pain Tabouna et Salade Méchouia

Tabouna is a standard type of bread that is made throughout Tunisia. It calls for the use of wheat as the primary ingredient. Wheat happens to be a significant agricultural product that is grown in Tunisia and it is exported mainly to some southern countries in Africa.

Traditionally, the wheat would be ground into a fine flour, as being done by the Berber woman seen below. This method of milling flour is still employed today, in some parts of Tunisia.

A dough is created, shaped into round loaves and cooked on the walls of a traditional terracotta oven, called a Tabouna, where the bread gets its name. This method of making bread is very similar to making Indian naan (a type of flat bread), which is cooked in a tandoor (clay oven).

The tabouna bread has an almost nutty quality and must be consumed while fresh, as it takes on a rubbery texture when it gets cold.

To go alongside the Tabouna, Tunisian meals are often accompanied with salade méchouia, which literally translates to "grilled salad". This salad is more of an antipasto-type dish which is mainly comprised of grilled green peppers. It may also contain onions, tomatoes and/or eggplant. The dish is usually seasoned with the sea salt, garlic and coriander and is always served with a bowl full of olive oil. 

 I say, "Keep it coming!"

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