Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eye of Newt

It's cold and flu season again and one of the best ways of battling the bug is by having lots of warm clear liquids.

Over the years, I have depended on one particular concoction to ease my sickly symptoms. Not only does it soothe the beast, but it tastes great doing it.

You will need the following three ingredients:
- Apple juice
- Lemon
- Honey

Begin with pouring one cup of apple juice into a pot. I prefer to use apple juice that is made with unsweetened, 100% juice.

If you have issues with acidic foods, low acid versions are available like this one by Allen's.

Substitutes: This recipe can also be made with cranberry juice or apple cider.

Slice 2 to 4 rings of lemon. Be sure to wash your lemons before using.

Place them in the pot with the apple juice and boil for two minutes.

Pour the hot liquid into a mug and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey.

This drink is even great as a fall or winter treat! (Now, all I need is a chalet in the mountains.)


  1. A.V.'s mom will try this recipe...and wants to know if a mountain chalet at 800 metres will do! Maybe we can all enjoy it together ;-)

  2. I'll take it! It sounds like a plan! :-)