Saturday, October 9, 2010

Deutschland Foodland

When most people think of German food, they think of schnitzels, potatoes and beer. To the contrary, there are German foods that can be quite flavourful and healthy.

All of the products below were purchased at a store called Yummy Market, in North York, Ontario. The name says it all! The store caters mostly to the German, Russian, Polish and Eastern European community.

Today's menu begins with pumpernickel or German rye bread. This type of bread is earthy, dark and has virtually no crust. It will be a perfect accompaniment to the rest of the meal.

The meat portion of the plate consists of wieners or w├╝rstel. These aren't your regular ears-and-nose-filled hot dogs. They are sausages made of high quality meats including versions made with either chicken, turkey or veal. They can be barbecued, grilled, broiled, boiled or eaten as is.

The perfect condiment to go with German wieners is, of course, hot German mustard. This peppery yellow sauce is made with only a few simple ingredients. This version comes in a beer glass-shaped bottle (how appropriate) and would beat French's any day. 

Who doesn't like cheese? German emental is a Swiss-like cheese that has a medium-strength flavour and a semi-dry texture. This cheese has a wonderful yellow color with beautiful holes throughout.

No German meal would be complete without sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is finely shredded, pickled cabbage. It has a distinctive flavour compared to that of coleslaw. This food has been known as a "super food" for its health benefits, including its abilities to aid the digestive system and boost the immune system. It contains lactic acid bacteria that have beneficial effects to gastrointestinal health.

Guten Appetit!

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