Monday, January 24, 2011

Milk it for all it's worth

Rice is an amazing multi-purpose grain. It can be steamed, pulverized into a flour, and even milked (technically speaking).

Dairy continues to be a difficult food product to digest, for a number of people. Rice milk is a great solution for some. However, mass manufactured rice milk tends to be full of unnecessary oils, sugars, emulsifiers and preservatives.

Homemade rice milk is actually quite simple to make.

Begin with approximately one cup of freshly cooked, warm rice and put it in a blender. I like to use either basmati or jasmine rice for this purpose, as these varieties tend to be quite fragrant and flavourful.

Next, add a few drops of vanilla extract and 2-4 madjool dates for sweetness. (To read about madjool dates click here.) You do not necessarily need to use the dates at all. If you would like to sweeten your rice milk, feel free to use sugar, agave nectar or honey instead.

Add approximately 4 cups of warm water to the blender.

Blend the mixture until smooth. Leave the liquid, in the blender, to sit for approximately 20 minutes to let the solid particles settle.

After waiting, slowly pour out the liquid and ensure that the solids remain in the blender. Your rice milk is ready.

Do not throw away the sediment.

You can combine it with a dash of cinnamon and some raisins to create a wonderful tasting dairy-free rice pudding.

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