Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rum Balls

Have you ever found yourself with leftover cake and not know what to do with it? However unrealistic thought (of having leftover cake), there is something you can make with it; rum balls. 

(As a warning, this recipe is one without measurements.) Begin with an amount of cake crumbs. I used the crumbs of a cake that I salvaged from an oven spill-over disaster. These particular cake crumbs are from my gluten-free lemon olive oil cake. (Click here for the recipe.) In case you're wondering, any type of cake will do.

You will also need some chocolate. I decided to use 70% dark chocolate, as it's what I had in my cupboard.

Slowly melt the chocolate over a double-boiler until it is silky smooth. (You can also use a microwave for this process.) When it is at this consistency, it is time to add some rum.

In fact, you don't need to use rum it all. I decided to put my own twist and use Nocello, a walnut flavoured liquor, instead.

When you add the alcohol to the chocolate, the mixture will get goopy, like this. At that point, you will need to add some fat to loosen it up.

Butter will do, but if you want to keep it dairy-free, I suggest using a little coconut oil or some unrefined palm oil. I like to use the unrefined palm oil, as it contains a high level of beta carotene. It has a beautiful orange-red colour and is a semi-solid at room temperature. You can find this type of palm oil quite easily in a store catering to the West Indian or African market.

Add enough fat so that the chocolate-liquor mixture goes back to a smooth finish.

Add the chocolate mixture to the cake crumbs.

Combine well and form into small balls.

You can roll the balls in ground nuts, chocolate sprinkles, coconut shavings, etc., or keep them au naturel as I did. Put the rum balls on a wax paper-lined tray and place them in a fridge or freezer until they set.

These rum balls are incredibly decadent. You will love them!

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