Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snack Attack

Peanuts, a.k.a. groundnuts, make a healthy and satisfying snack. However, they do not always need to be roasted. In certain parts of the world, including the Caribbean, Africa and India, it is quite common to find snacking peanuts that have been boiled.

When preparing nuts in this manner, you need to purchase fresh, unroasted peanuts. I have been able to find peanuts of this variety in Asian supermarkets and in Chinatowns across the Greater Toronto Area. They are usually found in mesh packaging, as seen below. When in this form, feel free to keep them in the refrigerator until you need to use them. 

Wash the raw peanuts thoroughly under cold water. Place them in a pot, filled with heavily salted water and let them cook, under a gentle boil, for at least 30 mins to 1 hour. The longer they cook, the better they will taste.

The peanuts will be ready when the shells take on a slightly darker brown colour. 

The shells will also be extremely easy to pop open using your fingers.

These boiled peanuts make a healthy, tasty and addictive snack. They will be gone in no time (as you can see).

If you have any peanuts left over, you can leave them in the salted water. They should stay fresh for a few days. Simply bring the solution to a boil, for five minutes, twice a day to ensure optimal freshness. (This is the process they used before refrigeration.)

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