Friday, February 18, 2011

Niçoise olives

What amazing weather we experienced today in Toronto! It reminded me of the famous winters of Nice, in Mediterranean France.
 (Yes, people actually go to the beach in the winter time!)

For me, another reminder of Nice are Niçoise olives. I have actually been looking for these special olives for over a year. I found them at St. Lawrence market. They were available in two varieties; pitted and whole. I prefer the latter.

This delicacy can easily be considered the best olive in France. As you can see below, they are incredibly small and have a colour range between purple-black to brown. They have a rich, salty-nutty flavour and are usually found in oil. They have a firm texture and are frequently served before meals in Southern France.

If you are able to find Niçoise olives, try using them:
- as an appetizer
- in tapanade
- by incorporating them in a tomato sauce
- as an addition to salads (especially, in the famous Niçoise salad)

Enjoy the weather while it lasts!

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