Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Christmas tree looks good enough to eat!

December is here and Christmas is almost upon us. I love this holiday season, as there are so many good things to eat.

Since I've spent a good part of the year writing about food, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a food-related Christmas tree?" So, I decided to decorate our Christmas tree with all things food. You wouldn't believe what we found!

Little panatone and pandoro boxes can be found at many grocery stores and bakeries that cater to the Italian market. These bread-cakes originate in Milan and are fantastic.

Candy canes were and easy go-to... were sugar cookies.

I decided to tie up some cinnamon sticks to provide a seasonal scent.

Hangable chocolate ornaments can be found anywhere;

as can fruit ornaments, like apples, pears...

...and grapes.

So far, the menu looked boring. I needed to get creative, and fast!

I found these tiny liquor bottle lanterns at the LCBO (liquor store). I love the fact that they are red and green.

These cookie-cutters looked nice enough to hang.

I learned that it is a German tradition to have a pickle ornament somewhere on the tree. Apparently, the one who finds it gets a special gift. Personally, I like my pickles on the side. So, that's where it went.

I found these adorable gingerbread men measuring spoons at Pier One. This tree was either going to look disgusting or gorgeous. There was no turning back now!

Here's where I got crafty. I found these glass decorations at Michael's (a craft store) and I thought, "Let's fill 'em!"

The possibilities were endless! Here's what I put together (going clockwise from the top left):
- tri-coloured pasta
- red chili peppers
- hazelnuts (filberts)
- dried apples

- Israeli couscous
- mung beans
- wheat
- hibiscus tea
- red and white rice
- coriander seeds

- cloves
- jelly beans
- coffee beans
- fennel seeds

- popping corn
- dried chickpeas

However, I think my favourite ones were these three little tins from Maxim's de Paris (bought in Paris). They are filled with delectable praline chocolates. Yum!

Here's the final result:





  1. you're a nut, but I love it. what a wonderful idea.

  2. Very creative...How fun!!!! My favourite are the glass balls filled with food!

  3. I don't know why I didn't see this at Christmas but WOW!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Especially the ornaments you filled with various foods. You so SMRT!!

  4. -Dre, I'm glad you liked it! You also put a smile on my face when you spelled "smart" à la Homer Simpson!